hakuna matata.


    hakuna matata.

Who we are

HIKING-SHMIKING is a group of enthusiastic coworkers with various backgrounds who initially gathered together to conquer Vitosha mountain paths twice a week. Chasing the sunrise (and sometimes the sunset) and sharing the many amazing views on the way to inspire well-being.

After Mount Olympus in Greece,
Hiking Shmiking Team Goes to
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

How we got here

2 years later the HIKING-SHMIKING group turned out to be much more. Weekend trips to the Rhodope, Rila, Pirin, Osogovo and Balkan mountains got more frequent and more exciting. Macedonia and Greece (Mytikas) were too close to miss out on. High peaks and good times went on and on.

So one day a bigger challenge had to be set. The farer, the better.
A year ago the bravest of all – Poly, Svetla, Nina, Ruslan, Ventsi and Georgi – decided to set a real adventure to remember. Climb the African number one and the world’s tallest free standing mountain – Kilimanjaro.

What the team members say

Happiness is found in the little things.

I was most impressed by the people of Tanzania. They made me think about everything we own and we aspire to. So many things that often don’t make us happy. Those people who own much less than us are smiling all the time, they are grateful and act with such inspiring dedication. Once again I realized that happiness and wealth are not proportional.

Nina Zafirova

We all made it!

It was one of the greatest experiences in my life. The day we climbed the summit was extremely difficult and challenging for the whole group. I am very happy that we all made it together and we all got back in good health. I am ready for more!

Poly Yondeva

It was a treat!

I am very pleased with this trip! I had the opportunity to actually rest and be alone with my thoughts. I felt like a princess: hot food for lunch and dinner, hot drinks, great care for our mood and all our equipment – tables, chairs, utensils, tents, sleeping bags – everything carried by these nice local people. We only had to carry our personal backpacks. I’m very happy I did it.

Svetla Veleva

Away from work and to the top!

For me the challenge came with leaving my business with no supervision for 2 weeks. I had to overcome myself and just go for it. Then it was the merciless elevation that compels you to move one step at a time and monitor your breathing – like Tanzanians say “Pole, Pole” (Slowly, Slowly). It was an amazing opportunity to pause life and learn more about myself.

Ruslan Leteyski

Altitude challenge conquered!

The whole trip in the mountains was impressive, these views, it’s hard to put such beauty into words. On day 4, I got a little worried for my health. We had 20 hours less for acclimatization than planned. At only 4,200 m I felt quite heavy the altitude sickness and the next day we had to climb the top. Fortunately, that evening I adjusted to the conditions, felt better and all fears went away.

Georgi Boyadzhiev